Disorderly Vagrants

Help us build something amazing.

In Memoriam

Diva, 2013-2022

Why should you join?

Disorderly Vagrants is a Null-Sec corporation and member of Sev3rance formed under the leadership of experienced FC and ex-TEST Military Director Sandrin Stone. We formed this group to scout out and foster talent and group motivated people together to help push each other to new heights.

We are looking for people that want to excel in different fields, be it Fleet Command, Industry, Recon, or even Solo PvP. Our goal is to help you find the mentors, contacts and friends to get to rise to the highest levels of any field you wish to pursue. We are also looking for experienced people who want to pass on and share their knowledge with others and to help people grow. We want tomorrow's leaders to be [DI VA]'s.

In return we offer training and mentorship. Corp subsidies and supplies to help you achieve your goals. Be it access to blueprints, FC ships, fuel and supplies for fleets or even just introductions to the right people to help you. Disorderly Vagrants will help get you where you want to go.

So come join the team and help us build something amazing.

Joining Us

Recruitment is now operating on a vouch-only basis. If you have been given a vouch, please continue the below steps.

To apply, please follow these steps:

1) Visit the DI VA Auth platform and register ALL of your characters via 'Member Audit'.

2) Tell us about yourself by filling out the application located here.

3) Join our public Discord by clicking the button below and ask to speak to one of the recruiters (listed below).


Kaylah Aideron
Kaylah Aideron
Adarian Makaa
Adarian Makaa
Ravic Famdine
Ravic Famdine